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Post #36B – A reply by Alianna Logan to: Are You As Sick Of Contests As I Am?

January 21, 2011

I thought Alianna’s comments on my contest rant deserved more then mere, right hand, column status and an, equally, unnoticeable rebuttal/reply, so I added it here as post 36B. Miss Logan btw, is the Editor In Chief of Scruplz Magazine, a publication that I read instantly  from cover to cover when it arrives each month and whose contests are definitely worthy of notice.

She means business can you tell?

Alianna Logan says: This is the first time I have been on this blog and I’m here because someone pointed this post out to me.  I very rarely respond to things like this because I admittedly tend to be detached from the pulse of the industry, not because I want to be necessarily, but because there’s always so much work to do, I simply get to it.  But because we are running one of these contests that you hate so much, I feel compelled to present another point of view and I hope that’s alright.

Nave replies: Thank you for reading my post and taking the time to reply. Of course it’s alright. I welcome well thought out replies like yours. I wish more people made the effort to debate some of these topics in public, perhaps then some of these things that I rant about would change for the better. Hate might be too strong a word to describe my contest angst btw.I may have overstated that feeling in my attempt to illuminate my thinking.

Alianna Logan: I want to say that I actually agree with you.  I don’t like contests either, have joined less than the amount of fingers on one hand in all the time I’ve been in SL because I don’t like them myself.  But you know what I see?  I see that SL and most certainly the fashion industry has changed so much.  Wonderful designers are closing up shop left and right, the landscape has changed.  There are less parties and less fashion shows that I see advertised.

Nave replies: Things have absolutely changed. The market for SL’s consumer $Linden has become more competitive and the quality bar has been raised slowly but, inexorably, over time. The situation is Darwinian and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. The requirement to evolve and be relentlessly innovative is not abating.

Alianna Logan: What if the contests were to stop and no one was really doing them anymore.  Wouldn’t that take away opportunities for people to earn lindens doing something that they love to do?  Be it taking fantastic photos of themselves or giving a photographer work to do it for them, giving designers extra reasons to have their items bought and so forth.

Nave replies: Good point. Yes, the underlying economic engine would suffer some if ALL contests went away. I’m not saying to eliminate ALL contests. I’d like to see some new sorts of contests not the mundane Miss So and So or Face of etc. If you look at the endless array of meaningless events churned out by Anrol Anthony  of Classic With Style you get the idea of what I view as worthless or, worse, predatory.

Alianna Logan: I know the contests are annoying with the endless details that don’t seem unique, they seriously are.  But what are the alternatives in today’s SL economy for giving models and photographers things to do that, for some, can turn out to be lucrative?  I would sincerely be all ears.  There can only be a few winners of a contest so maybe it isn’t so bad that there is another one around the corner to try for?

Nave replies: Another good point. If I had an alternative I’d be doing it. This is a common discussion topic in several groups I belong to. Some possibilities have been brainstormed and are being developed. Stay tuned for both Tres Beau and StarWalkers down the line………… One thing that we can all count on is that if a new, unique marketing tool appears it WILL be emulated in record time. That’s annoying too.

Alianna Logan: Just a thought.  Not a criticism of your post, just presenting another viewpoint.  And Nave, had we known how you felt, we would not have presented you with another annoyance.  We apologize.

Nave replies: No need to apologize and I appreciate the time you took to reply and you raised some very good counterpoints.


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