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Post #36C/D/E – More replies from Chalice Carling, Mallory Luke and Xenobia Foxclaw

January 21, 2011

Chalice Carling, not one to be trifled with, shares a story of her own:

I won a contest in 2008 (I think) that was one of the biggest model contests at the time. There were winners each month. I recall being paid my $L’s in two installments and having to contact the owner for the second one after what I waited a reasonable amount of time without a word. Apart from a long delayed photo shoot with pics in store and an item named after me, none of the other lengthy list of prizes were given to me.

I didn’t ask for them after my request for the rest of the money and apart from one or two friends, never publicly revealed that the contest didn’t follow through and that other winners were also not given their well publicized prizes.

Nave replies: How sad that this happened and that whoever did this was got away with it cold.

After that I realized if this well known brand could withhold the prizes that was clearly the draw card for it’s success and winners didn’t come forward to reveal the scam, then anything goes in SL. Contests kind of lost their luster after that.

Nave replies: Last year I entered a contest run by a well-known SL brand. The top prizes for the Mr and Miss were to be L$100,000 in cash as well as a host of other goodies. I spoke to the 2 ultimate winners sometime after the contest ended. Neither was paid…………….. I managed to get myself banned along the way on that one for asking too many questions and generally, being a pain in the tuchus, so it’s still taking place

Then Mallory Luke, one of Scruplz’ Co-CEOs shares a few words with us:

Nave, the Make It Work contest is wonderful. It’s innovative and offers a nice alternative to “Face Off’s”. I still believe there’s room for as many contests as people would like to enter. I’ve never entered a contest but I’m not model worthy nor am I a talented photographer. I can’t even recall entering a “Best Of” contest back in my early club days but lots of people do. And lots of people enjoy the competition. Winning is always a nice plus. It’s unfortunate that not everyone has scruples and not all contests deliver the promised goods but many do. Rules suck. No one wants to read them, no one wants to write them but without rules, chaos is sure to strike.

Nave replies: Make It Work is unique. It was designed that way by Herradura Baar and refined some by others………. We don’t require you to buy anything from Tres Beau or Maniera  to participate in it. Conversely, unlike any other designer’s contest (that I know of)  Kimmera GIVES out the challenge box for FREE to everyone who then get to play with it. Interestingly, but not surprisingly, we give out 10 times as many as we get entries (we’re thinking about changing this aspect of the contest to encourage entering (did I say encourage? I meant to say incent). The bottomline on Make It Work is that, basically, it costs nothing to enter (except the $L10 for a photograph) and you get a crack at well over L$30,000 worth of prizes if you win a monthly at this point.

Starwalkers is one of the most useful groups I belong to. I hope you’ll continue to provide a forum for news, events and yes, contests.

Nave replies: As far as the StarWalkers group goes that is also something I’m involved in that seems to be working the way its supposed to and at this point we’re going to push to make it more useful and more fun. We aren’t planning on banning any contest notifications so don’t worry.Thanks for your kind words.

Xenobia Foxclaw, who’s always worth listening to chimes in………………

I agree that some contests are predatory. I was caught up in the Fashion w/ Style scene for awhile. It did give me opportunities to be on the runway and practice styling, but the competitions were impossible to win unless you had big bucks and I don’t. Been there, done that.

I avoid pay-to-vote competitions, but I enjoy others because they challenge me. Frequently they require me to do research about a style or RL designer or to go outside of my comfort zone. I’m very happy to purchase a designer’s jewelry, gowns, poses, etc. in order to enter since the prize money needs to come from somewhere. It’s a gamble, but that’s part of the fun.

Nave replies: Avoiding pay-to-vote competitions is smart. I’m only really semi-familiar with one of those and my personal impressions and experiences with Anrol Anthony and her Classic With Style scams are somewhat prejudiced I admit. I’ve seen their pay-to-vote contest boards.  I’ve spoken at length to people who’ve been finessed into spending, literally, $1,000s US (Zoey Neutron, Candylicious Forster and Garrett Ceriano among them) to win various phony pageant titles that were conducted by Anrol and Steve101 McCullough where they raked in many times what they paid back out in awards.

I’d like to hear Classic With Style stories…………. so that we can save people in the future from making similar mistakes. If I had my way I’d have pay-to-vote contests outlawed in SL. I’m not sure how to do that but that’s one of my hopes for the future……….

Tell me your Classic with Style story, what was promised, what you spent, what happened when you got fed up with the nonsense.

I’ll need a release to name you in what gets published. I’m working on that

I am choosey though, I look at a designer’s styles. When I purchase an item, or two, to enter, I closely scrutinize those and decide whether or not I really want to have my name associated with that designer.

It’s also not unusual for me to prepare to enter a contest and never get around to actually taking pictures, or having pictures taken, or sending the folder/notecard off. (I suspect I am not alone.) While I’ve paid for the item(s) to enter and, therefore have supported the designer, but haven’t entered, I don’t care. I’ve had fun, been challenged, and perhaps met a new designer.

When I do get around to sending an entry, sometimes I’m chosen to compete, other times not. I don’t get upset because I’ve enjoyed the process. When I do get chosen to compete on the runway, it’s an opportunity to practice my runway skills. (Yes, I always consider being on the runway practice–that way it doesn’t matter that I win or lose, I’m just practicing for the next opportunity to be on the runway.)

I do not want to be chosen because I’m XENOBIA, I want to be chosen because I’ve truly done the best job. I trust the judges to be impartial. I also appreciate comments on what I’ve done well and what I could do to improve.

So my suggestion is to look at the contest and the designer(s). Pick those that are challenging and that you will enjoy. Don’t get hung up on winning because that’s when nerves seem to kick in. Just do it because you will have a good time and, if you’re lucky, you’ll learn something you didn’t know before you entered–something that will improve your SL experience. Mostly importantly, don’t take these contests too seriously–SL is supposed to be about fun and social engagement. Enjoy!

Nave replies: Xenobia’s  comment stands so well on it’s own there was almost no need for me to remark at all. I couldn’t pass up the chance to bust pay-to-vote contests though sorry. Thank you Xenobia


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