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Post #36F – Terrilynn Carami jumps in too

January 30, 2011

Terriynn Carami had some choice words for me about my “hating” contests post

Terrilynn says:

I just wanted to add my 2¢…  Just reflecting on the many complaints about contests recently.

Nave comments:

That’s because so many contests suck and so many people whine about not winning them

The money you spend in a contest (not pay to vote) is to purchase an item most likely jewelry or a dress. When I purchased a My Precious dress to enter the contest last year, I was not even selected for the next step. But what did I have to complain about? I spent money. I got a beautiful dress.

There are good photographers in world that do not charge thousands of linden for a contest photo and even some who will do it for free. The money you spend for a contest is not an investment to increase your chances of winning. It is for a product – a pose, an accessory, hair, whatever.

Nave replies:

I think that the model’s art is in the selection and styling of what they deck their avatar out in. There’s tremendous skill involved in finding just the right thing (accessory, hair, tattoo, skin) to create synergy and the perfect look. Hopefully that effort can be aided by the right photograph. Notice I didn’t say the right photographer. Photography is an art unto itself and while I am a decent RL film photographer I’ve never learned to use tools like Photoshop well (I do own Paintshop Pro X3 I think). I take decent pictures and I think I have an eye for composition so I can take a workmanlike picture in here but when I need something more I will use a photographer. Daron Brandeis took the portrait that was used in my recent perspective piece in Radar magazine, for example, and I was very pleased with his work

Nave you say there are not any unique contests ‘out there’ but I disagree. In the I AM contest, model’s pictures will not be judged on post-processing. Hopefully, that will decrease the amount an entrant would have to pay to participate. When we created the contest, we wanted people to have FUN and be CREATIVE — CHALLENGE their skills in styling or if a photographer his/her skills in composition. That may not be unique but what is in my not so humble opinion is that the final test involves winning models and photographers to work as a TEAM – which in and of itself will challenge contestants to be on their better behavior in order to cooperate. The second unique aspect of this contest is the photographers will test their – I don’t know what to call it – ‘live’ photography skills and photograph their model during her walk and then use it to create a new composition. I haven’t been around that long but I haven’t seen that challenge for photographers before.

I find it sad that you are so cynical about the value of being placed prominently in a contest or being asked to be a judge. For our sponsors, I am trying very hard to make sure they feel they are getting value in what they are contributing. I recognize that they often don’t need the publicity but are taking part because they enjoy doing these types of things. Perhaps other contests charge a great amount of money to sponsors – I don’t know. This is the first time I’ve been on the inside of one of these things. I asked famous photographers and designers because what model or photographer wouldn’t want to be noticed by someone so skilled and successful? Who better to judge the use of poses than a pose maker like Steven Dean? Who better to judge composition and post processing than a master photographer like Lulu Jameson? And of all people, who isn’t more exciting to have evaluating your style than the winner of Miss Virtual World, Serene Faith? (I’m not saying these are the only choices, I’m saying that asking people like them is ideal and kind of a “duh”)

Nave ponders:

I’m sorry what I wrote made you sad…………. And I didn’t say I haven’t enjoyed judging the contests I’ve been privileged to judge did I? I will say that the value of being placed “prominently” in one of the look-alike contests I’m referring to is questionable to me. We could debate that at length. Seeing someone named as Mrs. SL Mother of the Year 2011 by Classic With Style’s Anrol Anthony would make me wonder why the person entered the contest in the first place and on some levels titles like that act against the people sporting them. Anyone can be a “supermodel” or create any title they want to wear above their head in SL…………

My blog, my prejudices btw……………………..

I’m not as cynical as much as I’m bored. to death.

Bored by mediocrity.

Bored by lack of originality,

Bored (and maybe angered a bit too) by people who are so arrogant that they think we won’t notice that they’re just doing what everyone else seems to do……… and hoping that it will work for them too.

Finally, I will just add that I recently entered a contest where I purchased a dress – which I do like – but wouldn’t have without the contest. Fortunately, I have a friend who took my picture and photoshopped what was needed for free. (We agreed to split the prize.) (Nave blinks…………. There’s a concept – sharing since it was a team effort) I was lucky enough to win third place for which I’m thrilled – my first win! But even more so, I was lucky to have fun doing it.

If it isn’t fun, there is something wrong I say. If you are so cynical about contests, then don’t participate but don’t rain on our parade.

Nave sneers:

You’re right, contests are supposed to be fun. Not life and death to someone…………..

This is my blog and these are MY opinions that I express here. I don’t force anyone to log in and read what I’ve written and I didn’t force YOU to read it. It’s here to be read by people who FREELY opt in and CHOOSE to spend their time being amused and, maybe, even enlightened a bit by me. I don’t typically solicit readers other then the occasional announcement that I’ve got something new posted like many bloggers do.

We’re really excited about this contest. It was created for the contestants, not to promote Scruplz. Believe me, we are busy enough as it is!

Nave concludes:

I wasn’t attacking Scruplz, or the I AM contest with that post I made.  I AM actually sounds like a fun contest that had some thinking put into it………


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One Comment
  1. “This is my blog and these are MY opinions that I express here.”
    Yep. Got that.Thank you for giving me a voice on it.

    “I don’t force anyone to log in and read what I’ve written and I didn’t force YOU to read it. ”
    Nope, I read your blog because I like to hear what you have to say.
    I assume you like to create dialogue and have comments, so I shared
    my thoughts and opinions. I reacted to your post, based on the
    information I read. You said:
    “I bet there are 20 or more different contests running right now and there is nothing unique about any of them. ”

    “I wasn’t attacking Scruplz, or the I AM contest with that post I made. I AM actually sounds like a fun contest that had some thinking put into it………”
    I appreciate the clarification and am glad you think so.



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