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In Memorium – Cali Rajal

February 1, 2011

A good friend, Cali Rajal, Locked Semaphore’s partner, had a massive stroke over the weekend and isn’t expected to make it. Cali was a wonderful person who will be missed and remembered by many people both in SL and in RL.

I’m very very sad…………….

I’ve also been reminded how lucky I am that  my own stroke “event” 6 months ago had no lasting effects on me. I’m blessed.


From → Nave raving

  1. Every day above ground is a good one. We are all lucky in one way or another to be alive, Nave, self included. Cali and I were not great friends, but only because I did not know her as well as I would like to have. She is a remarkably sweet and caring lady that touched me with her kindness a few times, last one being at a Halloween party at which we had a blast! I am sure she will be missed greatly. My condolences to Locked and the rest of her SL and RL families….xoxo Burly

  2. Qat Itano permalink

    Cali was a friend in sl…I will miss her too. Rest in peace Cali.

  3. When I first got the IMs from some of Cali’s friends frantically trying to reach Locked, I paused for a moment wondering if it was all real.

    This is definitely one of those circumstances where, knowing Cali or not, we know that bad things can happen to good people. I think a great portion of the community felt this one so hopefully Locked is well aware that he is not alone in grieving the loss of his partner.

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