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Post #42 – SL Art Couture’s Tour de Force book

February 10, 2011

The other morning, shortly after I logged in, Arisia Ashmoot, the extraordinary posemaker/owner of Body Talking IMd me and dropped a copy of  SL Art Couture’s new book, SEX, on me.


What else can I say? This publication has it all:

Great Models

Spectacularly Imaginative (to say nothing of steaming hot) Photography

Amazing Layouts

Terrific outfits and the pose to go with them

I am skeptical of most amateur’s efforts like this. I admit it. I’ve worked on a book of my own ( and still think about that project from time to time) and discovered how tough it is and that the writing it is about a third of the work but this team’s communal effort stunned me.

I want to congratulate every one of the people involved in producing something special. Thank you. Great job………….


(in order of appearance):

Arisia Ashmoot
RicoRacer Flux
Wicca Merlin
Steffy Ghost
Leandra Breen
Miaa Rebane
Cade Nansen
Harsch Sharktooth
Trouble Inglewood
Takeshi Kiama
Lybra Rage
Mikey Batriani
Todd Anton
Louise McWinnie
Serene Faith
blackLiquid Tokyoska
Cieleste Magic
BlackBarbie Bravin
Harrison Diesel

Lybra Rage
blackLiquid Tokyoska
Mikey Batriani
Cade Nansen

Glam Affair
Angel Dessous

Finesmith Designs

Body Talking

Wicca Merlin
Tatanka Kaligawa


Arisia Ashmoot & RicoRacer Flux


Contact Arisia Ashmoot for a Kiosk



From → Nave raving

  1. *waves at Nave.

    Thank You so Much.
    Can’t wait to work with you and Kimmera soon.

  2. Apen Parx permalink

    Life must be passing me by! This is the first I’ve heard of this…congrats Rico and all that were involved.

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