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Post #43 – Just Nave – The Rants and Raves of Nave Fall in SL’s Radar Magazine and the formation of MAABA

February 11, 2011

My 3rd perspective column for Radar Magazine has a Black and White theme (well yes there is some RED too) that pleases the hell out of me. I think this is striking myself and the “Brian” hairstyle by Blaine Alderson of SL’s Tonic Hair rawks it……….. (I took that pic myself one day when SL decided that all it would show was a black screen and that white, white hair…………. not as artistic as the Daron Brandeis ( of DAB Photography )  pic I had before but I thought this was fun and made it easy on, she who must be obeyed, Radar’s Publisher – LaBella Farella, when she was laying this out.

The topic of my rant was “certification” of models – a touchy thing to say the least.I suppose I could have written something mushy about February and Valentine’s Day and had a pic with red and pink and white, but everyone does that……………. instead I wrote this:

I’m easily confused by many things in SL. I admit it. I keep seeing that certain SL modeling schools “certify” their graduate’s ability to model and give them a “certificate” to endorse their success in being trained. What does that mean anyway?

The dictionary definition of certification refers to the confirmation of certain characteristics of an object, person, or organization. This confirmation is often, but not always, provided by some form of external review, education, or assessment.

The “certified” model attended “classes” given by someone who was self-selected (c’mon who “certified“ them in the first place?) for their unique ability (that’s sarcasm in case you missed it btw) to teach someone how to do an alt-click turn on a runway?

It bothers me when I get approached by a “new” model who has paid to take classes somewhere (usually somewhere that has now disappeared btw) and now thinks they’re ready to assault the world of SL fashion with their recently acquired knowledge. I realize everyone starts somewhere and that most are naïve (Lord knows I was taken in by a pay to vote contest once upon a time) and that very few survive the Darwinian meatgrinder that new models must pass through on their way to an SL modeling “career”. I also hate the idea of these naïve people being preyed upon and having their dream quashed by someone who will take advantage of them for a couple of $L1000s.

Vel Charisma CEO of the Farouche Tres Agency is attempting to give something back to the SL modeling and fashion community by creating MAABA – Model Agency/Academy Bureau of Accreditation which she intends to have develop a basic set of standards for schools, academies and trainers in SL to meet. MAABA will not be recommending specific modeling academies btw. I do that all the time but that’s a personal thing. I think MAABA (or something like it) is a good idea but that it will be very tough to implement and regulate. Vel and I have had several discussions about it and I thought that soliciting public input might help things a bit.

If you have any interest in participating in MAABA please IM Vel and let her know. If you teach at an SL modeling school and have ideas on what you think prospective models should be taught please take a couple of minutes to share your thoughts on this topic with her.

I think Vel’s MAABA idea is a good one but like the group (the name escapes me now – SL Professional Model’s Coalition or some such lofty thing) that was formed by Sabine Blackburn – SL SuperModel and her BFF buddette, Anastacia Markova – CEO of Opium Modeling, after co-opting (that would be helping themselves to the idea without permission from the person who thought it up originally :P) Kay Fairey’s, simple, but great, idea that SL models deserve to be well paid.  That group was formed last year to “unionize” models and force an equitable payment schedule on people – designers, photographers, agencies and others who hired models in SL.  I think it will be tough to get MAABA off the ground myself for a variety of reasons……………. We’ll see if the idea develops any traction soon enough. I hope it can be implemented in a way that works, and publicized, in a way that gets noticed by lots of prospective models who need the information MAABA will provide freely.


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