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Post #44A – Ready for a PUBLIC rant Azai? Buckle up biotch

February 15, 2011

If you wanna be targeted start threatening me and I’ll take you public

I don’t get these people………………

What is their FUCKING major malfunction?

Where do they get off with their divatude and threatening people???

This just in off Azai Lexico’s Flickr page

Someone named Azai Lexico, CEO of the, now, SUDDENLY, closing ( What? Did things get a little fugly after you started your tantrums and routines?)  SL modeling agency La Vella Models (I suppose this is all my doing btw since I destroy people and modeling agencies doncha know????), with wayyyyyyyyyyy more “tude” then brains,

has taken it upon herself to create all sorts of drama with SL, and RL, artiste/designer Eshi Otawara

and a bunch of other designers, models and SL media types, apparently, and not only, in the StarWalkers’ group. She seems to have forgotten fashion’s basic rule#1 : fashion starts with the designer not the agency and basic rule #2: SL fashion doesn’t get more avant-garde then Eshi Otawara’s work. She only had a pixel gown sell in RL for like half a million $Lindens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m not sure who exactly Azai Lexico is, or who Azai Lexico THINKS she is, or who Azai  Lexico is in RL (claims to be a SOMEBODY IMPORTANT but obviously has a lot of time to spend in SL) and, frankly, I could give a shit (actually I could care less I think). At the same time when someone fires Eshi up (which. I admit, is pretty hilarious and  takes a bit of doing actually) enough to get Eshi to eject her sad ass from StarWalkers, and get cheers from the audience when she does it. That’s saying something…………………..  I admit that allowing Eshi to proceed with that ejection was a bad idea on my part. My bad. Anabella has driven this point home to me btw.

Apparently Azai has pissed off some other designers too. Imagine my surprise at that tidbit. No surprise that she’s closing her agency after the stampede of models out the door when they heard what their fearless, mouthy leaderess was up to in both group, and private, chats. Does Ms. Lexico think people don’t talk to each other? How tightly knit is the SL fashion and modeling world anyway these days? Pretty tight let me tell you…………..

Then there’s this pretty new, relatively unknown, SL fashion designer who’s managed, (I really don’t wanna name her she has enough trouble without me plastering her name in here), although I did think about that until reason prevailed —-> DRUMROLL HERE<—- to piss off just about the entire BOULEVARD Agency including Director Kay Fairey and BOSL Executive BlackBarbie Bravin (who are both pretty much impossible to ever fire off) and then complain to Frolic Mills about the runways that Patch Thiebaud had custom-made for her show. The show that Frolic IMMEDIATELY cancelled for her She managed to get El Jefe, Frolic Mills, to eject her ass from the show, the BOSL Reader’s group, BOSL magazine and then he ejected her store from BOSL properties too………… That took some doing I bet.  She went so far as to actually do the diva and threatened them if they didn’t rent to her which didn’t help things one bit, I mean, c’mon, we know Frolic has a temper but Kay and BlackBarbie are pretty calm. Then the designer’s assistant tried to calm things down and get things back on track. I also heard that this designer had tried to pull an age-old real estate scam on a friend of mine by renting to him, taking L$10,000 personally and then selling the sim out from under him 3 days later. WTF is with that one? She finally, under SERIOUS pressure, refunded his $Lindens. I heard. Then there’s the time when Anastacia Markova, erstwhile CEO of Opium Modeling,  sent her minion, Federica Galtier, to ask that I restore her announcement privileges on StarWalkers’ for her. Am I that hard to find? Is it a power play to have someone else ask me, showing me that she’s too important to deal with the likes of me? DO I have cooties?  FFS if you won’t even talk to me yourself why should I do ANYTHING for you? Who do these people think they are, the First Ladies of SL Fashion????? Do they think I really care whether they like me or not?

Where do these people get the idea that communally, and individually, we give a fuck who they think they are and that we’ll feel bad if they “mute” us? They just disappear without a blip and get replaced by someone more talented and, hopefully, better socialized. I admit that being threatened by someone sitting far away behind god knows how many firewalls, gets my attention and scares me to death. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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  1. Hi Nave, new time reader (started this year, love it) wanting to pick your brain about Sunday’s events. Not sure you were inworld for the whole Shyms controversy or the BOSL en espanol thing, but was curious to hear your thoughts because nobody can deliver snark as well as you. Not trying to kiss ass, I’m being deadly serious here (btw read your comments from Model’s Workshop and yes Starwalkers 2010 has helped me as a new model if that means anything). Normally I just read happily without saying anything, nodding in silent agreement but I have to know your opinion about people who do things like what happened on Sunday. I’m also super interested in the latter since I model for a well known designer who has been accused of copying another equally talented designer’s work, and was wondering if Kimmera ever encountered such blasphemous public diatribes. How did she handle it? I think my boss handled her situation like a true lady (I didn’t, I basically told the accuser she was an idiot with no eye for distinct styles if she thought my boss copied her).

    So yeah thoughts on venomous trolls who dine ferociously on the talents of far more successful people like Mr. Frolic or Kimmera? I’m looking for confirmation that I’m not the only sane one who gets pissed at people who do that.

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