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Post #46 – AgencyReport snarkiness

February 19, 2011



I had an interesting encounter after plugging MAABA on AgencyReport the other day. I always love the anonymous snarky cheap shot……………. This was worth sharing with those of you who have given up on – you need to check in there once in a while.

Here ya go…………….


Miss cha cha Says:
February 15, 2011 at 9:59 pm

@Nave Fall & Vel Charisma. Who made you the Police of the SL fashion industry?


Nave Fall Says:
February 16, 2011 at 8:20 pm

Nave Fall looks Miss Cha Cha Cha (whoever she is) up & down very, very slowly……….. & then sneers.

We don’t need no stinking badges we’re the Federales.

Seriously, whoever you are, what have YOU, personally, done for SL’s fashion & modeling community lately? Vel Charisma, CEO of Farouche Tres, at least has an idea here. I haven’t got a clue how this idea could be made to work, that’s a daunting task to say the least. Having another information resource for aspiring models to access info about agencies, schools & trainers can’t hurt though. Right? Or does that offend your sensibilities?

It might save some, aspiring, modeling students serious money, like the ones who paid Azai Lexico former CEO of La Vella Modeling L$5000 to be trained, only to be abandoned when her snarky mouth & divatude got her in deep water with some people. Her wittle feelings got hurt causing her to flip us all off when she bailed out…. in about a day. Good riddance…….. Although she’s threatening to return under another name. That sounds familiar to me also. How convenient is that? I love my alts too,

Soooooooooo Miss Cha Cha Cha let’s hear your ideas for making things more civilized. I won’t hold my breath waiting for those btw.

If you wan read more you can check out my blog at:

http colon slash slash menswearsl dot wordpress dot com

It’s post #44. I may address this more in an up-coming Radar magazine Perspective column.

I’m just,

Nave Fall


Vel Charisma Says:
February 18, 2011 at 9:30 pm

I would like to also respond to you Miss Cha Cha as well as answer anyone else’s question. This is not about policing. It is about offering help, direction & free information.

The MAABA (Model Agency/Academy Bureau of Accreditation) is a source for untrained but aspiring models & certified models to go to for sound & trustworthy assistance when seeking the right modeling agency/academy.

This organization is not made up solely of Mr. Nave Fall or me. Instead it is a collective group of dedicated individuals that are offering there services for free as the MAABA is a free non for profit service.

Any interested person with some background experience & the ability to be objective can take part in the bureau.

Modeling agencies accredited by MAABA will meet, at the least, basic standards in the curriculum & training received by models agreed upon by the Bureau.

MAABA’s sole purpose is to set basic standards for beginning model training in Second Life. We do not seek to recommend specific modeling academies, but to serve as a listing of schools that meet standards developed by members of a board consisting of top designers, models & officers of modeling agencies.

Accreditation of schools is one way for a model to have certain assurances about the quality of the training they are receiving.
In addition, designers can be assured of the quality they are getting when they employ a model or agency to represent their creations.
It also ensures that designers sponsoring shows or models investing in schools will not lose their investments due to the disappearance of an organization.

I would likely to firmly reiterate, this is simply an option for some that wish to receive sound, unbiased information. It is free for both modeling agencies/academies & those seeking training or general information.

If persons want to take part, great, & they are welcomed. If others do not, that is fine as well.

I personally would love to know that some organization has done at least part of my research for me (for free) to help me in making my decisions.

For those of you that are interested in sitting on the board please IM me in world or drop me a notecard.

We should be offering applications in the very near future for the listings.

Vel Charisma


Nave Fall Says:
February 19, 2011 at 2:21 pm

I’m glad Vel took the time to respond to Miss Cha Cha Cha. She’s much nicer then I am in how she responded to the snarky question……… I don’t feel compelled to be that nice which drives some people a bit nuts. What can I say?

There is one point she made that I have to correct as it applies to me, personally, I am biased. If someone comes to me & asks advice about an SL modeling agency or school they are looking for my personal opinion & I tell them that. I can only recommend things that I have experienced myself.

I have an easy time recommending that an aspiring model get trained by someone like:

Mimmi Boa – Miss Virtual World 2009 & arguably, SL’s most famous model IMHO

Kay Fairey – Miss Virtual World Academy Director & Miss Bliss Couture 2011 trainer/blogger/supermodel/entrepreneur/Japanese cultural treasure

Topaz Joubert – Maniera Magazine Publisher/CEO & stylist/coach/fashion designer to countless pageant winners

Anabella Ravinelli – Maniera’s General Mgr  & a killer trainer/stylist/photographer & one of my co-founders @ StarWalkers

Wicca Merlin – One of SL’s hardest working supermodels -trainers/bloggers/photographers/entrepeneurs/show directors

Lorelei Maggs – SuperElite Academy’s Director & SL supermodel

Ricoracer Flux – Perhaps SL’s most consistent male model/trainer/blogger/stylist/show director

Shae Sixpence – Supermodel, super photographer & MVW’s Miss Brazil 2011

Glitter Bollissima – Miss SL Int’l 2009 (if she can teach me she can teach anyone)

Kryptonia Paperdoll – AVENUE Modeling Academy’s Director – nuff said

Dancer Dallagio – What hasn’t been said about her – she does it all –  supermodel/trainer/journalist/blogger/photographer/Stiletto Moody’s in-world mgmt.

Katina Magic/Jasmine Night/Marcus Night – A team of  stunning SL models/trainers/photographers/event managers (If they don’t know the answer they know someone who does – believe me)

Louise McWinnie – First Runner Up in Miss Virtual World 2011 as Miss Czech Republic

Leandra Breen – MVW’s Miss Germany 2011 – CEO of the Passion Agency & a peach

Vel Charisma CEO of Farouche Tres herself

to name a few I know who will do a very thorough, & professional, job.

I, COMPLETELY, avoid &, truthfully, advise people who ask, to avoid “no-name” trainers who I PERSONALLY find to be less reliable based on the complaints I receive about promises not being kept, classes being cancelled, being forced to buy outfits from someone specifically for a class, graduation shows not happening etc.

With established people who worry about their reputations you have far less bullshit to deal with. For an experienced model who needs a tune-up I think it might be preferable to seek out 1 on 1 coaching/training which is more intense & deals with unique, individual weaknesses, & problems.

My “personal” bottom-line is simple. The content of the classes & the personal attention paid to each individual is far more important than the “certification” at the end.

After getting well trained in the basics the responsibility for succeeding falls to the individual. If they think that the world of SL fashion will acknowledge their achievement at getting trained they are in for an eye-opening surprise at the number of yawns they’ll get.

I’m just,

Nave (Not the fashion police) Fall


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