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Post #44C – Anigma Eulenberg has questions

March 9, 2011

Anigma Eulenberg writes:

Comment: Hi Nave, new time reader (started this year, love it) wanting to pick your brain about Sunday’s events

Reply:  Kim’s the only one who really gets to pick my brain but I’ll do my best to share some insights with you Anigma………….

Comment:  Not sure you were inworld for the whole Shyms controversy or the BOSL en espanol thing, but was curious to hear your thoughts because nobody can deliver snark as well as you.

Reply:  Thanks ………… I think. I heard more about the BOSL en Espanol thing but the whole Shym’s event is more recent and, thus, fresher in my mind. No need to be snarky I think the whole thing is unfortunate and, whether Shym is guilty as charged is irrelevant IMHO. We’ll never know the truth so why would I go through describing my 2nd and 3rd hand impressions of the whole sorry event? Suffice it to say I’m glad people were repaid regardless of why Shym decided to do that. I doubt that they were repaid for the time and lost or the emotional energy expended. The drama meter pegged and bent the pointer on this one.

Comment:  Not trying to kiss ass, I’m being deadly serious here (btw read your comments from Model’s Workshop and yes Starwalkers 2010 has helped me as a new model if that means anything).

Reply:  No ass kissing allowed here………….. I’m glad that the things I write wake people up and make them better, more informed consumers of the myriad of wonders SL has available.

Comment:  Normally I just read happily without saying anything, nodding in silent agreement but I have to know your opinion about people who do things like what happened on Sunday.

Reply:  I think I speak for a lot of people who choose for whatever reason not to spek up for themselves. I can do that because, mostly, I don’t care what the people I’m writing about think of me and they will never have any power over me in SL, so I can be as forthright as I wish, Hell I can be as mean as I want to really……………sometimes I get really fired up like with Trollboy once upon a time. I deplore people like that. I looks for ways to balance things out. Sometimes I succeed .

Comment:  I’m also super interested in the latter since I model for a well known designer who has been accused of copying another equally talented designer’s work, and was wondering if Kimmera ever encountered such blasphemous public diatribes. How did she handle it? I think my boss handled her situation like a true lady (I didn’t, I basically told the accuser she was an idiot with no eye for distinct styles if she thought my boss copied her).

Reply:  I’ll ask Ki if she’s ever been accused of copying someone else’s work . I doubt it That isn’t how she’s wired. She has been copied frequently and shrugs about it mostly. We discuss it when we notice and move on, noting the designers who seem to be the biggest plagiarists in our little book. They get no slack down the line……….. Same thing with people who give Kim a hard time about things that they bought and claim don’t work, or look like the vendor, or style easily, or fit their #100 ass. Things are sold as is and Kim does her best to preclude problems upfront. Since all her textures are uniquely her we would go after someone stealing those. But I digress here……………….. Silence is often the best answer I’m afraid and it sounds like your employer was wise if frustrated I’m sure.

Comment:  So yeah thoughts on venomous trolls who dine ferociously on the talents of far more successful people like Mr. Frolic or Kimmera? I’m looking for confirmation that I’m not the only sane one who gets pissed at people who do that

Reply:  You are far from alone believe me and the Frolics and Kimmeras chuckle at the antics and games of the pretenders and the also-rans who have no originality of their own. I think that originality is a precious thing myself and it’s something I notice in others Thanks for taking the time to comment Anigma. I hope I answered your questions. The BOSL en Espanol thing is one I may return to another day.

I’m just,

Nave Fall


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  1. Anigma Eulenberg permalink

    Thanks for the reply Nave. Sorry if I bombarded you like a desperate noob, I was seriously heated that day and let the drama actually get to me lol. I’m thankful you shared your thoughts, and as usual you made some good points. In hindsight I should’ve just muted that other designer, but damage is done so oh well. My boss is even more fired up to keep doing what she does best, thanks to the supportive responses she got from loyal customers, and my wardrobe couldn’t be happier for it. I’ll keep reading, you just keep being you (as if I needed to say that).

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