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About Nave Fall’s Blog

Hi there…………..

Welcome to Nave Fall’s party. No need to crash it, you’re invited. Make yourself to home. Nave promises to do his best to amuse you and make the time you spend here worthwhile.

SecondLife has a myriad of lifestyles, and adventures, available for us all to explore. People, games and sports, publications and photography, things impossible to do, or see, in RL, art and architecture, roleplaying and time travel, shopping, monsters, business, fashion and modeling, the list goes on endlessly……….  Nave spends a lot of his time in SL involved in those last 3, splitting his time in his roles as Kimmera Madison’s Tres Beau Designs COO, one of the leaders of the Model’s Workshop and overseeing Tres Beau and Maniera’s Make It Work Monthly Styling Challenges. You can expect to see each of those  highlighted here frequently. It’s Nave’s soapbox, and his megaphone, so his opinions will prevail.

Nave’s SL profile defines him well. He’s mercurial, emotional, amusing to many, an unforgiving, nightmare to a few. He’s a Scorpio to the core despite his  SL Rezzday. Nave takes a long time to heat up but once  he does he tends to stay hot…………  Nave has some crusades that we may explore along the way, you’ll recognize when his inner Don Quixote persona emerges and he goes off tilting at windmills with abandon and glee. Nave does not suffer fools lightly and some would say he holds a grudge…………..

One thing Nave will do, EVENTUALLY, within the confines of this blog, is take a crack at showing off some of his self-styled clothing mash-ups. He’s admired the work of many bloggers, including the recently departed, but now, thankfully returned,  Bronson Twine of [Ir] Regular Guy , Winter Jefferson of In Cold Blood and many others who explore men’s couture in SL. Nave plans to showcase some of his own efforts for you.

Nave’s photography, and post-processing, skills leave a lot to be desired but, hopefully, those will improve over time. Meanwhile bear with him.

So, buckle up………………………….

I’m just,

Nave Fall

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  1. Lexi V. permalink

    I look forward to seeing where you go with this.

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