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AgencyReport – Inquiring Minds Wanna Know

AgencyReport Zepp’s “All Seeing Eye” SL avatar

AgencyReport has been one of my guilty pleasures for a long time. It’s the SL modeling world’s version of  glancing at the National Enquirer while waiting in the checkout line at the supermarket. Why AgencyReport Zepp puts up with my nonsense eludes me………………

What’s an AgencyReport you ask………………

WHAT: AgencyReport is a website that is geared to helping Second Life Models make informed decisions on modeling agencies, modeling schools, modeling contests and really any business pertaining to modeling. By reading the comments and experiences of others, models will be able to see which ones to steer away from and which ones to pursue. It’s full disclosure!

HOW: It’s basically a feedback system, simply leave a comment on an agency’s or school’s or contest’s page so that others can get a feel for what it is about and how it’s like from an inside perspective. You may choose to be anonymous by leaving the name, email and web field empty when posting a comment. We will never ask your RL or SL name, if you are logged into WordPress and comment it will show your username, so make sure you logout before commenting if you wish to be anonymous. We encourage models, modeling agency, and modeling school, owners, and everyone involved in the industry to comment. Comments that will not be approved are derogatory comments that condemn the modeling world of SL in general and ones aren’t productive to the goal of this website.

WHY: We know professionals in this industry value their reputation and don’t want to be branded as someone that causes drama or is overly critical, therefore we offer anonymity. We feel this type of resource is necessary because there are agencies and schools popping up all over the place that prey on new models to exploit them to make money or for other reasons. Models need to know the good AND the bad, and what they are getting into before they lose lindens or get involved with a “bad” agency or school.

If we missed an agency or school you would like to comment on, comment here with the name and we will add it as soon as we can. Join together and share your experiences!

DISCLAIMER: Since this is an anonymous system, we have no way of confirming claims made on this website, if you feel a comment is unjustly added, then please post a comment stating why you believe it is incorrect or how you feel differently. Anonymity is a choice, if agency owners wish to make statements they can do so, if the statement is questionable it will be confirmed in-world to make sure they are in-fact coming from the agency owners. To expedite this process, you may send an in-world notecard to AgencyReport Zepp, please paste the content of your comment in the notecard and sign it with your avatar name (the sender of the notecard, creator of the notecard, and the signature must all match).

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