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Welcome to Nave Fall\'s In Pursuit of Infinite Possibility. This blog is best assimilated by starting at the first post rather then the most recent. That way the various topics will coalesce the way Nave intended them to. Some are rather long - sorry. Feel free to bitch about ANYTHING via a comment to Nave. Active commenters are likely to find goodies showing up in SL for helping out, so go for it..........

Post #42 – SL Art Couture’s Tour de Force book

The other morning, shortly after I logged in, Arisia Ashmoot, the extraordinary posemaker/owner of Body Talking IMd me and dropped a copy of  SL Art Couture’s new book, SEX, on me.


What else can I say? This publication has it all:

Great Models

Spectacularly Imaginative (to say nothing of steaming hot) Photography

Amazing Layouts

Terrific outfits and the pose to go with them

I am skeptical of most amateur’s efforts like this. I admit it. I’ve worked on a book of my own ( and still think about that project from time to time) and discovered how tough it is and that the writing it is about a third of the work but this team’s communal effort stunned me.

I want to congratulate every one of the people involved in producing something special. Thank you. Great job………….


(in order of appearance):

Arisia Ashmoot
RicoRacer Flux
Wicca Merlin
Steffy Ghost
Leandra Breen
Miaa Rebane
Cade Nansen
Harsch Sharktooth
Trouble Inglewood
Takeshi Kiama
Lybra Rage
Mikey Batriani
Todd Anton
Louise McWinnie
Serene Faith
blackLiquid Tokyoska
Cieleste Magic
BlackBarbie Bravin
Harrison Diesel

Lybra Rage
blackLiquid Tokyoska
Mikey Batriani
Cade Nansen

Glam Affair
Angel Dessous

Finesmith Designs

Body Talking

Wicca Merlin
Tatanka Kaligawa


Arisia Ashmoot & RicoRacer Flux


Contact Arisia Ashmoot for a Kiosk



Post #41 – Snowday, thundersnow, LSD closed – WTF were they thinking???

In front of my home Wednesday morning, something you don’t see very often, real deal Upper Peninsula, of Michigan that is, snowshoes (these suckers are 40″ long and 16 wide and meant for slogging through DEEP powder pulling a sled behind you).

There’s a rule in Chicago, Lake Shore Drive NEVER closes. it closed a couple of days ago and 100s of people were stranded and had to abandon their cars and hike through deep drifting snow, in whiteout conditions to God knows where seeking shelter. Not good at all and not an SL thing but this is my blog so I can do RL too if I wanna.

I’m listening to Aliotta Haynes and Jeremiah playing a Chicago anthem – Lake Shore Drive

This song may be the best Chicago song ever btw (although Frank Sinatra’s – My Kinda Town gives it a serious run for its money)  it certainly gets me singing along.

Aliotta, Haynes & Jeremiah Lake Shore Drive Lyrics:
[Duo-piano intro.]

[Verse 1:]
There’s a road I’d like to tell you ’bout,
Lives in my hometown.
Lake Shore Drive the road is called,
And it’ll take you up or down.
From Rat’s on up to riches, 1
Fifteen minutes you can fly.
Pretty blue lights along the way 2 ,
Help you ride on by.
And the blue light’s shinin’ with a heavenly grace,
Help you ride on by.

And there ain’t no road just like it,
Anywhere I’ve found.
Runnin’ south on Lake Shore Drive,
Headin’ into town.
Just slippin’ on by on LSD, 3
Friday night trouble bound.

[Short instrumental break featuring pianos.]

[Verse 2:]
It starts up north from Hollywood 4 ,
Water on the drivin’ side.
Concrete mountains rearin’ up 5 ,
Throwin’ shadows just about five.
Sometimes you can smell the green,
If your mind is feelin’ fine.

There ain’t no finer place to be,
Then runnin’ Lake Shore Drive.
And there’s no piece of mind or place, you see,
Ridin’ on Lake Shore Drive.

And there ain’t no road just like it,
Anywhere I’ve found.
Runnin’ south on Lake Shore Drive,
Headin’ into town.
Just slippin’ on by on LSD,
Friday night trouble bound.

[Short instrumental break featuring pianos.]

[Verse 3:]
It’s Friday night and you’re lookin’ clean.
Too early to start the rounds.
A ten-minute drive from the Gold Coast back 6 ,
Makes you sure you’re pleasure bound.
And it’s four o’clock in the mornin’,
And all the people have gone away.
Just you and your mind and Lake Shore Drive,
Tomorrow is another day.
And the sun shines fine in the mornin’ time.
Tomorrow is another day.

[Short instrumental break featuring pianos.]

[Chorus, slightly altered:]
And there ain’t no road just like it,
Anywhere I’ve found.
Runnin’ south on Lake Shore Drive,
Headin’ into town.
Just snakin’ 7 on by on LSD,
Friday night trouble bound.

[Pianos to end.]

Notes on the song if you’re interested:

Aliotta, Haynes & Jeremiah Lake Shore Drive Lyrics Information:

Words & Music by: Skip Haynes
Produced by: Scott Gibbs
Engineered by: Barry Mraz
Stings arranged by: Bob Schiff
Performed by: Aliotta, Haynes and Jeremiah 9 10
First released: 11
Single: 1971
Album: 1971

1 The name of the club was actually Ratso’s Restaurant & Lounge, located at 3415 North Broadway, Chicago, Illinois. In the song, they call the restaurant, “Rat’s” as a shortened version of the name and to make a play on words: As you drove south on Lake Shore Drive the neighborhoods change and go from a low- to middle-income bracket to a very wealthy demographic. Thus “rat’s to riches.” Ratso’s started out as a restaurant/tavern on Chicago’s near-north side in the early ’70s. There was an open mic almost every night, and after performing, artists passed the hat through the audience. That’s when I first saw Aliotta, Haynes & Jeremiah. Eventually, Ratzo’s got all ritzy, and began serving dinner with linen tablecloths, higher prices and paid entertainment. It was never the same.

2 “Pretty blue lights” refers to the mercury vapor, street lamps that were used in Chicago in the 1970s. Heated mercury vapor inside the lamp was used to produce light in a relatively efficient way. When they are first turned on, the mercry vapor lamps produce a dark blue glow because only a small amount of the mercury is ionized and the gas pressure in the arc tube is very low, so much of the light is produced in the ultraviolet band. As the gas heats up and increases in pressure, the light shifts into the visible range and the high gas pressure causes the mercury emission bands to broaden somewhat, producing a light that appears more-white to the human eye,
although it is still not a continuous spectrum. Even at full intensity, the light from a mercury vapor lamp is distinctly bluish in color, hence the lyrics about pretty blue lights.

3 The double entendre refers to both the physicality of driving on Lake Shore Drive, often called LSD by Chicagoans, which winds along the Lake Michigan waterfront on the North Side of Chicago and the drug culture influenced slippin’ (or trippin’) on the drug LSD.

4 “It starts up north from Hollywood,” refers to West Hollywood Avenue, which initially runs eastbound but then turns south and becomes Lake Shore Drive.

5 “Concrete mountains rearing up, throwing shadows just about five,” refers to the high-rise housing along the waterfront, on the west side of Lake Shore Drive, casting their shadows across the Drive as the sun sets in the late afternoon.

6 The Gold Coast is a strip of expensive, high-rise, residential waterfront properties, that are close to the downtown area of Chicago and to exclusive shopping, that runs along Lake Shore Drive for several blocks.

7 Up until the mid 1980’s there was a spot on Lake Shore drive that was a big S-shaped curve. During rush hours, traffic would slow and it was always a problem area for commuters. In the late ’90s the S-Curve got straightened out to alleviate the traffic jams, but back in 1970, when this song was written, the curve was still there, and this reference to “snakin’ on by,” is a nod at the love/hate relationship Chicagoans had/have with the S-Curve.

8 While not receiving much air play anywhere but locally, “Lake Shore Drive” is the epitome of a youthful anthem for the Baby-Boomers of the Chicagoland area. Peppy, with local and drug related references and 2 jammin’ pianos on the track, the song seemed to lift the listener to a near euphoric state anytime it was played. Ask anyone who was a young adult in Chicago during the ’70s and they will tell you how much this song still means to them.

But enough about the Lake Shore Drive song……………

It’s been an interesting couple of days in Chicago, 20.2+” of drifting snow with thunder, lightning and 70 mph wind gusts at 10 deg F will wake you RIGHT up. Not being able to open your front door because you have a 4′ snowdrift blocking it will do that too. I wound up having to go out the front garage side door ( I have  a back garage too you see and that’s where the “broken” old snowblower was waiting and laughing at me )……………….but that’s a different story for another time.

The good news was this –  I think HARD when I get jammed up………….. (the prospect of shoveling ALL that damn snow got me thinking HARD) and this time I thought of the right answer right away. My young, lawyer neighbor with the snow and lawn service was “given” a hefty snowblower as part of the deal when he bought his house from our friends Don and Judy several years ago (I don’t really think Don wanted to move that 200+lb snowblower to California but he never admitted that to me.) I’ve borrowed that sucker before but this time I  offered to buy the thing………… and he said, “You want it? It’s yours…………….. Come get it.” Wooohooo Then I only had to walk over through the thigh deep snow to collect it along with the 5 gallons of gas that he threw in with it. BTW I’m deciding just how good a bottle of wine to give him now.

Suffice it to say, I got dug (blown) out in a couple of hours ( you snowblow 60′ of driveway buried 30″ deep and another 120′ of sidewalk  to the alley behind the house and see how long it takes you), along with several other neighbors who were very happy to have the use of my new 28″ wide behemoth. I’ll post some pictures later.  My wife thought this was all a hoot and went out snowshoeing and then x-country skiing in the park later. She did clean the front steps which was quite a job by itself……………… Now if the last 3 days of mail would come I’d be a happy biotch.

Not a sign you see in any other city that I know of………………

You see in Chicago there is something called parking space “DIBS” which means that if you spend hours digging out a parking place following a major winter storm it’s YOUR parking place till you take your lawn furniture back to the basement. Ohhhhhhhhh you don’t have “DIBS” where you live. I see…………. All the parking on the street goes to whoever comes along. Righttttttttttttttt. Well this is Chicago and we have a different tradition here. People have been shot to death over parking places. “You tooked my mom’s parking place Mofo…….. move dat piece of shit right now and don’t even tink of parking it witin 2 blocks of here ever gain or I will solve all your parking problems with dat rolling turd fureva. Get me????” and “When you come back, find every frikkin piece of her lawn furniture dat was in dat space and putit back on her front steps after you move dat junkheap somewhere faraway frum ere……….. or else.”

Another unique Chicago seminar offering on fighting redlight camera tickets successfully and other important things you need to know about if you drive in Chicago in these days of difficult to balance municipal budgets.

In Memorium – Cali Rajal

A good friend, Cali Rajal, Locked Semaphore’s partner, had a massive stroke over the weekend and isn’t expected to make it. Cali was a wonderful person who will be missed and remembered by many people both in SL and in RL.

I’m very very sad…………….

I’ve also been reminded how lucky I am that  my own stroke “event” 6 months ago had no lasting effects on me. I’m blessed.

Post #36F – Terrilynn Carami jumps in too

Terriynn Carami had some choice words for me about my “hating” contests post

Terrilynn says:

I just wanted to add my 2¢…  Just reflecting on the many complaints about contests recently.

Nave comments:

That’s because so many contests suck and so many people whine about not winning them

The money you spend in a contest (not pay to vote) is to purchase an item most likely jewelry or a dress. When I purchased a My Precious dress to enter the contest last year, I was not even selected for the next step. But what did I have to complain about? I spent money. I got a beautiful dress.

There are good photographers in world that do not charge thousands of linden for a contest photo and even some who will do it for free. The money you spend for a contest is not an investment to increase your chances of winning. It is for a product – a pose, an accessory, hair, whatever.

Nave replies:

I think that the model’s art is in the selection and styling of what they deck their avatar out in. There’s tremendous skill involved in finding just the right thing (accessory, hair, tattoo, skin) to create synergy and the perfect look. Hopefully that effort can be aided by the right photograph. Notice I didn’t say the right photographer. Photography is an art unto itself and while I am a decent RL film photographer I’ve never learned to use tools like Photoshop well (I do own Paintshop Pro X3 I think). I take decent pictures and I think I have an eye for composition so I can take a workmanlike picture in here but when I need something more I will use a photographer. Daron Brandeis took the portrait that was used in my recent perspective piece in Radar magazine, for example, and I was very pleased with his work

Nave you say there are not any unique contests ‘out there’ but I disagree. In the I AM contest, model’s pictures will not be judged on post-processing. Hopefully, that will decrease the amount an entrant would have to pay to participate. When we created the contest, we wanted people to have FUN and be CREATIVE — CHALLENGE their skills in styling or if a photographer his/her skills in composition. That may not be unique but what is in my not so humble opinion is that the final test involves winning models and photographers to work as a TEAM – which in and of itself will challenge contestants to be on their better behavior in order to cooperate. The second unique aspect of this contest is the photographers will test their – I don’t know what to call it – ‘live’ photography skills and photograph their model during her walk and then use it to create a new composition. I haven’t been around that long but I haven’t seen that challenge for photographers before.

I find it sad that you are so cynical about the value of being placed prominently in a contest or being asked to be a judge. For our sponsors, I am trying very hard to make sure they feel they are getting value in what they are contributing. I recognize that they often don’t need the publicity but are taking part because they enjoy doing these types of things. Perhaps other contests charge a great amount of money to sponsors – I don’t know. This is the first time I’ve been on the inside of one of these things. I asked famous photographers and designers because what model or photographer wouldn’t want to be noticed by someone so skilled and successful? Who better to judge the use of poses than a pose maker like Steven Dean? Who better to judge composition and post processing than a master photographer like Lulu Jameson? And of all people, who isn’t more exciting to have evaluating your style than the winner of Miss Virtual World, Serene Faith? (I’m not saying these are the only choices, I’m saying that asking people like them is ideal and kind of a “duh”)

Nave ponders:

I’m sorry what I wrote made you sad…………. And I didn’t say I haven’t enjoyed judging the contests I’ve been privileged to judge did I? I will say that the value of being placed “prominently” in one of the look-alike contests I’m referring to is questionable to me. We could debate that at length. Seeing someone named as Mrs. SL Mother of the Year 2011 by Classic With Style’s Anrol Anthony would make me wonder why the person entered the contest in the first place and on some levels titles like that act against the people sporting them. Anyone can be a “supermodel” or create any title they want to wear above their head in SL…………

My blog, my prejudices btw……………………..

I’m not as cynical as much as I’m bored. to death.

Bored by mediocrity.

Bored by lack of originality,

Bored (and maybe angered a bit too) by people who are so arrogant that they think we won’t notice that they’re just doing what everyone else seems to do……… and hoping that it will work for them too.

Finally, I will just add that I recently entered a contest where I purchased a dress – which I do like – but wouldn’t have without the contest. Fortunately, I have a friend who took my picture and photoshopped what was needed for free. (We agreed to split the prize.) (Nave blinks…………. There’s a concept – sharing since it was a team effort) I was lucky enough to win third place for which I’m thrilled – my first win! But even more so, I was lucky to have fun doing it.

If it isn’t fun, there is something wrong I say. If you are so cynical about contests, then don’t participate but don’t rain on our parade.

Nave sneers:

You’re right, contests are supposed to be fun. Not life and death to someone…………..

This is my blog and these are MY opinions that I express here. I don’t force anyone to log in and read what I’ve written and I didn’t force YOU to read it. It’s here to be read by people who FREELY opt in and CHOOSE to spend their time being amused and, maybe, even enlightened a bit by me. I don’t typically solicit readers other then the occasional announcement that I’ve got something new posted like many bloggers do.

We’re really excited about this contest. It was created for the contestants, not to promote Scruplz. Believe me, we are busy enough as it is!

Nave concludes:

I wasn’t attacking Scruplz, or the I AM contest with that post I made.  I AM actually sounds like a fun contest that had some thinking put into it………

Post #40 – My CSLTM Spotlight Interview of, the visionary, Frolic Mills BOSL’s CEO

Recently I was honored by being asked to do a series of VIP Spotlight interviews for Ricoracer Flux’s blog, Confessions of a SL Top Model. The first of the series was with Frolic Mills, BOSL’s CEO

The Helen Baxton Portrait

Frolic Mills has one of SL®’s most recognizable avatars. He enjoys a reputation as one of SL’s Renaissance businessmen. He’s a serial entrepreneur, the successful business owner of a media powerhouse, a fashionista, a comedian, a writer, a producer/director/builder, a philanthropist, these are all words that apply to the “Fashion Jesus”.

With the Miss, and Mr., Virtual World Pageants, publishing Best of SL Magazine and BOSL Radio, the Metaverse TV shows, the sims, the malls, hotel and country club, Mr. Mills is a busy, busy man. Frolic and I first discussed this project when he was thoroughly wrapped up with 2010’s Miss Virtual World and we, mutually, agreed to wait until after the New Year. I admit to agonizing over a bit over this interview after telling Rico I’d be happy to do it, because doing something fresh about “Frolito” is tough since he’s been chronicled so often. I tried my best here to hit on some new, and unique, topics with him…………

When I finally manage to catch up with Frolic after the New Year’s holiday, I’m seriously hoping he’s had time to fully decompress from the crush of events that culminated in December with the crowning of Serene Faith as Miss Virtual World 2011 and that seems like a good place to start things off……………. We sat together in my Tres Beau office and got right down to it. ( I took some pics during our chat and made the mistake of giving all of those to Rico to pick from. I didn’t do any post-processing on any of those and there was an insider joke in there too. If you want to see those you can at:

We begin……………………..


So, Frolic, with Serene Faith crowned as Miss Virtual World 2011, it’s time for you and your staff to regroup a bit, but I’m curious: what do you have in mind for BOSL in 2012? Are you going to continue working all the time, or is it simply that for you your work is such fun it doesn’t seem like work?

Hello Nave.  I must admit there is passion, and fun, in everything I do. As with any business, or project, there is a great deal of time-consuming planning and lots of hard work. I am responsible to people: BOSL’s clients and  staff and our group’s user community and I always keep that in mind. My days are filled with purpose and great energy. I thank god everyday for having a job I love to do as much as this I love doing this one. No plans as of yet about 2012 … but I am sure they will come to me in due course.

For those not familiar with you, and your background, could you give us a short bio history of your time in SL?

I started in 2007 on a 2048 sq m lot that I paid for by DJing at different clubs. Back then, it was really hard for me to find places where I wanted to shop or visit. That’s how the idea of making THE BEST OF SL Magazine coalesced. I just wanted to inform others of the great places I ran into accidentally. BOSL magazine is the fundamental pillar of everything I do. The model agency, the malls, the pageants and radio, etc came up as a consequence of publishing the magazine.

I see. That should inspire some people out there who are thinking about creating empires of their own, but how about your typical day-to-day role at BOSL? Give us a glimpse into that. Is there ever a typical day for you?

The Eshi Otawara Painting

My role is always the same. I direct a great orchestra! We play many different kinds of music at BOSL as you well know. I couldn’t do my job without the Umberto Gianos, Patch Thibauds, Persia Bravins, Giela Delpasos, Kay Faireys, Editorial Claritys, Viola Rookswoods, and a legion of SL’s designers, posemakers, photographers, stylists and so many others who pitch in when I get jammed into a corner. Even you help me out from time to time.

I think a lot of people want BOSL to succeed and pitch in freely when they see something that needs doing…………….. but let’s go off on a tangent here. If you ran Linden Lab®, what would you fix first: more groups (that’s about to be increased and may have by the time this is posted), less lag, better search engine, an easier to use LL viewer product?

I would make SL more fun for residents who live here. I would close the gap between users and management and get Linden Lab staff involved with the user community’s fun activities. I believe the only thing wrong with Linden Lab is their apathy towards users. I have big hopes in the new SL CEO. He DOES understand that a virtual grid MUST be fun for all for it to be able to grow. We’ll just have to wait and see.

A few anonymous people seem to accuse you of lacking integrity. I know from our interactions that you’re straight as a laser beam but please tell us your personal definition of integrity in business?

Integrity is just the ability to perceive the truth. There is no other integrity. I like the way Spencer Johnson explains it: “Integrity is telling myself the truth. And honesty is telling the truth to other people.”

BOSL had so many events in 2010. The Mr. and Miss Virtual World pageants, many charity events, the magazine published every month on time…………… With so many projects last year what’s the thing you’re proudest of accomplishing in 2010?

That’s an easy one. The new Patch Thibaud Auditorium. I am so proud of it.

Would you care to share any of BOSL’s future plans with me?


Expect a retail shop by Frolic Mills.

Wooo hoooo there’s a scoop…………… that will be fun I’m sure. But what is the most fun thing (not who, I said what btw) you “regularly” do in SL?

Nave, Nave, Navey, not who? H’mmm, h’mmmmmm, h’ mmmmmmm I think I’ll have to pass on this question …


Glancing at the clock I realize that the time has flown so I rush to get a couple other questions in before we wrap this up. Do you have any tips for people in SL’s modeling and fashion industry?

Rise above the others, it’s the only way you will ever be noticed. And when you do, then lower your head; it’s the only way you will stay up there!

I’ll throw one at you that I get asked frequently about my work at Tres Beau with Kimmera. If someone wants to work at BOSL what’s the best way to apply?

Stalking me has worked sometimes. A less painful way for all would be to contact the right person for the job the person is applying. For example: Kay Fairey for Boulevard Agency, Umberto Giano for the magazine, Persia Bravin for the radio, etc.

What annoys you the most about being so popular and well-known?

That I am NOT that well-known NOR that popular.

Well, you seem to collect some enemies too. Why is that? Are they just jealous of your many successes?

I doubt it, I just think I am an ass! I am working hard on this though… my New Year’s resolution is to rise above being an ass and become a spine or a belly button.

On a more serious note, I don’t ever count my enemies; I do, however, think that the only thing that will be important once this grid is long gone will be the friends that we made. I am very blessed to have many friends.

Okay, we need to wrap this up. I know you’re late for another appointment. Soooooooo last, but not least, you and the staff at Miss Virtual World improved things tremendously by doing a live simulcast on Metaverse TV of the 2010 Miss Virtual World Pageant. That helped control lag, and diminish crashing, for the staff and participants a great deal. What’s in store for us this year at Miss Virtual World? Any major changes we should expect, and can Rico and I get a Press Passes to next year’s event please?

I have no idea yet. But hopefully something great will happen. We’ll see about the Press Passes, maybe for Rico. I’m not so sure about you my friend……………

The Skip Staheli Art Shot

If you had a final, single wish for CSLTM’s audience what would it be?

I wish they would read this interview and say: “Oh Frolic, you are so full of crap!”

Thank you Nave, and a big hug to all the CSLTM’s readers.

Frolic leaves, and I think to myself how misunderstood this big-hearted man is………….

I’m just,

Nave Fall

Post #36C/D/E – More replies from Chalice Carling, Mallory Luke and Xenobia Foxclaw

Chalice Carling, not one to be trifled with, shares a story of her own:

I won a contest in 2008 (I think) that was one of the biggest model contests at the time. There were winners each month. I recall being paid my $L’s in two installments and having to contact the owner for the second one after what I waited a reasonable amount of time without a word. Apart from a long delayed photo shoot with pics in store and an item named after me, none of the other lengthy list of prizes were given to me.

I didn’t ask for them after my request for the rest of the money and apart from one or two friends, never publicly revealed that the contest didn’t follow through and that other winners were also not given their well publicized prizes.

Nave replies: How sad that this happened and that whoever did this was got away with it cold.

After that I realized if this well known brand could withhold the prizes that was clearly the draw card for it’s success and winners didn’t come forward to reveal the scam, then anything goes in SL. Contests kind of lost their luster after that.

Nave replies: Last year I entered a contest run by a well-known SL brand. The top prizes for the Mr and Miss were to be L$100,000 in cash as well as a host of other goodies. I spoke to the 2 ultimate winners sometime after the contest ended. Neither was paid…………….. I managed to get myself banned along the way on that one for asking too many questions and generally, being a pain in the tuchus, so it’s still taking place

Then Mallory Luke, one of Scruplz’ Co-CEOs shares a few words with us:

Nave, the Make It Work contest is wonderful. It’s innovative and offers a nice alternative to “Face Off’s”. I still believe there’s room for as many contests as people would like to enter. I’ve never entered a contest but I’m not model worthy nor am I a talented photographer. I can’t even recall entering a “Best Of” contest back in my early club days but lots of people do. And lots of people enjoy the competition. Winning is always a nice plus. It’s unfortunate that not everyone has scruples and not all contests deliver the promised goods but many do. Rules suck. No one wants to read them, no one wants to write them but without rules, chaos is sure to strike.

Nave replies: Make It Work is unique. It was designed that way by Herradura Baar and refined some by others………. We don’t require you to buy anything from Tres Beau or Maniera  to participate in it. Conversely, unlike any other designer’s contest (that I know of)  Kimmera GIVES out the challenge box for FREE to everyone who then get to play with it. Interestingly, but not surprisingly, we give out 10 times as many as we get entries (we’re thinking about changing this aspect of the contest to encourage entering (did I say encourage? I meant to say incent). The bottomline on Make It Work is that, basically, it costs nothing to enter (except the $L10 for a photograph) and you get a crack at well over L$30,000 worth of prizes if you win a monthly at this point.

Starwalkers is one of the most useful groups I belong to. I hope you’ll continue to provide a forum for news, events and yes, contests.

Nave replies: As far as the StarWalkers group goes that is also something I’m involved in that seems to be working the way its supposed to and at this point we’re going to push to make it more useful and more fun. We aren’t planning on banning any contest notifications so don’t worry.Thanks for your kind words.

Xenobia Foxclaw, who’s always worth listening to chimes in………………

I agree that some contests are predatory. I was caught up in the Fashion w/ Style scene for awhile. It did give me opportunities to be on the runway and practice styling, but the competitions were impossible to win unless you had big bucks and I don’t. Been there, done that.

I avoid pay-to-vote competitions, but I enjoy others because they challenge me. Frequently they require me to do research about a style or RL designer or to go outside of my comfort zone. I’m very happy to purchase a designer’s jewelry, gowns, poses, etc. in order to enter since the prize money needs to come from somewhere. It’s a gamble, but that’s part of the fun.

Nave replies: Avoiding pay-to-vote competitions is smart. I’m only really semi-familiar with one of those and my personal impressions and experiences with Anrol Anthony and her Classic With Style scams are somewhat prejudiced I admit. I’ve seen their pay-to-vote contest boards.  I’ve spoken at length to people who’ve been finessed into spending, literally, $1,000s US (Zoey Neutron, Candylicious Forster and Garrett Ceriano among them) to win various phony pageant titles that were conducted by Anrol and Steve101 McCullough where they raked in many times what they paid back out in awards.

I’d like to hear Classic With Style stories…………. so that we can save people in the future from making similar mistakes. If I had my way I’d have pay-to-vote contests outlawed in SL. I’m not sure how to do that but that’s one of my hopes for the future……….

Tell me your Classic with Style story, what was promised, what you spent, what happened when you got fed up with the nonsense.

I’ll need a release to name you in what gets published. I’m working on that

I am choosey though, I look at a designer’s styles. When I purchase an item, or two, to enter, I closely scrutinize those and decide whether or not I really want to have my name associated with that designer.

It’s also not unusual for me to prepare to enter a contest and never get around to actually taking pictures, or having pictures taken, or sending the folder/notecard off. (I suspect I am not alone.) While I’ve paid for the item(s) to enter and, therefore have supported the designer, but haven’t entered, I don’t care. I’ve had fun, been challenged, and perhaps met a new designer.

When I do get around to sending an entry, sometimes I’m chosen to compete, other times not. I don’t get upset because I’ve enjoyed the process. When I do get chosen to compete on the runway, it’s an opportunity to practice my runway skills. (Yes, I always consider being on the runway practice–that way it doesn’t matter that I win or lose, I’m just practicing for the next opportunity to be on the runway.)

I do not want to be chosen because I’m XENOBIA, I want to be chosen because I’ve truly done the best job. I trust the judges to be impartial. I also appreciate comments on what I’ve done well and what I could do to improve.

So my suggestion is to look at the contest and the designer(s). Pick those that are challenging and that you will enjoy. Don’t get hung up on winning because that’s when nerves seem to kick in. Just do it because you will have a good time and, if you’re lucky, you’ll learn something you didn’t know before you entered–something that will improve your SL experience. Mostly importantly, don’t take these contests too seriously–SL is supposed to be about fun and social engagement. Enjoy!

Nave replies: Xenobia’s  comment stands so well on it’s own there was almost no need for me to remark at all. I couldn’t pass up the chance to bust pay-to-vote contests though sorry. Thank you Xenobia

Post #36B – A reply by Alianna Logan to: Are You As Sick Of Contests As I Am?

I thought Alianna’s comments on my contest rant deserved more then mere, right hand, column status and an, equally, unnoticeable rebuttal/reply, so I added it here as post 36B. Miss Logan btw, is the Editor In Chief of Scruplz Magazine, a publication that I read instantly  from cover to cover when it arrives each month and whose contests are definitely worthy of notice.

She means business can you tell?

Alianna Logan says: This is the first time I have been on this blog and I’m here because someone pointed this post out to me.  I very rarely respond to things like this because I admittedly tend to be detached from the pulse of the industry, not because I want to be necessarily, but because there’s always so much work to do, I simply get to it.  But because we are running one of these contests that you hate so much, I feel compelled to present another point of view and I hope that’s alright.

Nave replies: Thank you for reading my post and taking the time to reply. Of course it’s alright. I welcome well thought out replies like yours. I wish more people made the effort to debate some of these topics in public, perhaps then some of these things that I rant about would change for the better. Hate might be too strong a word to describe my contest angst btw.I may have overstated that feeling in my attempt to illuminate my thinking.

Alianna Logan: I want to say that I actually agree with you.  I don’t like contests either, have joined less than the amount of fingers on one hand in all the time I’ve been in SL because I don’t like them myself.  But you know what I see?  I see that SL and most certainly the fashion industry has changed so much.  Wonderful designers are closing up shop left and right, the landscape has changed.  There are less parties and less fashion shows that I see advertised.

Nave replies: Things have absolutely changed. The market for SL’s consumer $Linden has become more competitive and the quality bar has been raised slowly but, inexorably, over time. The situation is Darwinian and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. The requirement to evolve and be relentlessly innovative is not abating.

Alianna Logan: What if the contests were to stop and no one was really doing them anymore.  Wouldn’t that take away opportunities for people to earn lindens doing something that they love to do?  Be it taking fantastic photos of themselves or giving a photographer work to do it for them, giving designers extra reasons to have their items bought and so forth.

Nave replies: Good point. Yes, the underlying economic engine would suffer some if ALL contests went away. I’m not saying to eliminate ALL contests. I’d like to see some new sorts of contests not the mundane Miss So and So or Face of etc. If you look at the endless array of meaningless events churned out by Anrol Anthony  of Classic With Style you get the idea of what I view as worthless or, worse, predatory.

Alianna Logan: I know the contests are annoying with the endless details that don’t seem unique, they seriously are.  But what are the alternatives in today’s SL economy for giving models and photographers things to do that, for some, can turn out to be lucrative?  I would sincerely be all ears.  There can only be a few winners of a contest so maybe it isn’t so bad that there is another one around the corner to try for?

Nave replies: Another good point. If I had an alternative I’d be doing it. This is a common discussion topic in several groups I belong to. Some possibilities have been brainstormed and are being developed. Stay tuned for both Tres Beau and StarWalkers down the line………… One thing that we can all count on is that if a new, unique marketing tool appears it WILL be emulated in record time. That’s annoying too.

Alianna Logan: Just a thought.  Not a criticism of your post, just presenting another viewpoint.  And Nave, had we known how you felt, we would not have presented you with another annoyance.  We apologize.

Nave replies: No need to apologize and I appreciate the time you took to reply and you raised some very good counterpoints.

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