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Post #44B – Azai Lexico has left the building

February 16, 2011

For some strange reason Azai Lexico, formerly the CEO of LaVella Modeling, has decided to ditch her Azai identity, and bail out of SL, (don’t let the door hit you in the ass biotch) rather then deal with the consequences, and repercussions, of her recent, anti-social,  behavior.

Comment: You know she’s got an alt or a horde of alts……………. and she’s a gonna come back and get us all

Apparently Azai has stiffed her class of aspiring SL supermodels who, I’m told, paid her L$5000 to be trained in her unique (yeah sure…….) methods,

Comment: Ohhhhhhhhhh yeah we’re surprised. The real surprise would be hearing that Azai had, without being hounded into it, refunded their money.

People wonder why I get so damn snarky

Comment: People like Azai piss me off that’s why!

Let the flames from Azai’s horde of friends and supporters begin………….


From → Nave raving

  1. You make me think and laugh all at the same time. Laugh out loud laugh too. Call it snarky or whatever you want to call it but most of all it’s amusing. If only other people didn’t take their SLives so seriously they’d find the humor and the insight into your rantings as well.

    Here’s looking forward to your next rant. Cheers

    • Nave Fall permalink

      Well it’s like this Linda. When I rant it’s usually about something that other people relate to as well, at least I hope so………. . The difference is that I’ve taken to dispelling that negative energy by writing about it and, sometimes, debating it with my targets if they have the guts.

      There have been times when people convinced me I was out of line and I apologized, changed, or even deleted what I’d written. Since the good things that happen in my SLife are more frequent but don’t get commented on as much (My bad…….), my going off on the bad ones makes me seem like a curmudgeon, sorta like Andy Rooney on 60 Minutes.

      I just don’t see taking bullshit off of people who think they are safely ensconced ANONYMOUSLY behind their internet connection. Azai Lexico was a good example of that. Whatta biotch she was………. But what had she done to support all that ‘tude” she exhibited to so many people? Nothing that I ever saw…….. So she got both barrels not only from me but from a bunch of others too and she deserved all of it. She claimed, to many people that, in her RL mind you, she was a stylist for a famous British designer and that we’d be blackballed by them. Like my avatar, Nave, is REALLY scared about that one…………….

      But waitttttttttttttttttt, she’ll be back, just Like Donnatella Couturier/Florance Rebane (recently excoriated by Johnathan Hiess for her BS after joining the Jenna Coppola Studio team (go here to read about that: ) and Haidyn Inglewood/Federica Galtier, lie, lie, lying about who they are till they’re busted so often, by so many people, that they have to suck it up and confess…………….

      Am I guiltless? Nope

      Have I ever lied? Yup

      What can I say I’m not perfect yet…………….

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